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All of Our Flavours in 1 Place

Here at Jade & Joy, we love nothing more than hearing your feedback. So many of you love our bars and it makes our day when someone let's us know that they're enjoying their order. As we prepare to unveil something truly special, let's embark on a delectable exploration of the unique flavours that define our Wellbeing & Luxury ranges.


Salted Caramel
a divine harmony of rich, buttery caramel with a delicate touch of sea salt, designed to transport your taste buds to the realms of pure indulgence.

"This is one indulgent bar! I can't make up my mind if its a chocolate bar or a protein bar as it's the best I have tried - high protein, low sugar, my kind of snack!" - Grace

Lovely taste, texture, was waiting for protein after taste but it never came. Look forward to trying the other flavours now." - Evie

"Packaging is fab! Presentation is fab! I can’t believe something tastes this good as a healthy snack! Better than others out there…recommend this flavour…and Marshmallow biscuit!" - G

Marshmallow Biscuit
a delightful fusion of fluffy marshmallow and crunchy biscuit, creating a whimsical treat that's simply irresistible.

"Sizzling hot stuff as in mega delicious. What a delight not only in presentation but taste. I could have eaten all in one go." - Carma

"This was definitely my favourite out of the selection, no ways to improve it!" - Georgina

"For once a product that looks like it’s picture. Beautiful bar, so filling, kept me going all day!" - Barbara

Honeycomb Caramel
a luscious blend of velvety caramel and delicate honeycomb, promising a sweet and luxurious escape with every bite.

"I love the unique flavours in Jade & Joy, but the Honeycomb Caramel is sensational. The best Vegan bar I have ever tasted..." - Thomas

"I am a sucker for honeycomb so I had to try this bar. And it blew me away. I didn’t realise it’s vegan. Nothing like this out there…worth every penny!" - Jaden

"I had to try the honeycomb, wow, did not disappoint! The flavour is beautiful, the texture is mouth-watering, just one bite and I was hooked. My daughter approves too - she has been pinching my J&J chocolate." - Denis

Lemon Meringue
a citrusy delight that combines the tangy brightness of lemon with the airy sweetness of meringue for a refreshing and sophisticated treat.

"A stylish product, fantastic flavour and a great on the go snack. Such a big bar and love the protein content, it keeps me sustained at work!" - Joanna

"I feel there is not a lot of options out there for dairy free protein chocolate, especially white Chocolate. So stumbled on Jade and Joy and the packaging made me want to try it. This flavour is delicious. So light. So creamy. It just melts in your mouth. Well done Jade and Joy…beautiful!" - Kerry

"I am absolutely obsessed with this brand. The style, the presentation, this bar is utterly divine" - Lenny

Cookies & Popping Candy
a delectable fusion of buttery cookies and delightful popping candy that's sure to surprise and delight your taste buds.

"I don't know how best to describe this bar but like a creamier Oreo chocolate bar! The texture is so smooth yet the added pop is just full of life - must try bar!" - Jennifer

"Really like the pop as well" - Dela

"100% recommend this - just wish they were in stores! So much tastier than a lot of free from out there." - Elliot

Hazelnut & Almond
A harmonious blend of velvety hazelnut and crunchy almond, delivering a sophisticated indulgence that's both rich and wholesome.

"Saw this on Facebook and had to try! It did not disappoint! The pack of 3's are the MOST beautiful packaging ever!!!" - Amelia

"Saw you guys at the show last week, took a sample and I HAD to order…love everything about this brand and the taste is 👌" - E

"Finally…a dairy free, gluten free, protein bar packed with glorious delicious taste for a change. No more bland, boring cardboard trash. Excellent bar." - Anon


Caramel Blondie
Treat yourself to a moment of pure bliss with our Caramel Blondie bar – a heavenly combination of gooey caramel and buttery blondie, crafted to bring a touch of indulgence to your day.

"This bar is incredible! The taste and texture of a chocolate bar but with the protein fix too - it has become my go to chocolate" - Emma

"Bought for my daughter but ended up eating it myself! Great taste, great product, highly recommend!" - Tony

"Can’t fault the delivery, service and products. The taste is amazing, feels like chocolate but healthier. Recommend highly." - Jennifer

A delightful fusion of spiced cookie goodness, offering a cozy and nostalgic flavour journey in every bite.

"I have tried a lot of speculoos protein bars over the year but this is my favourite ever! I have never seen such a stylish protein bar as this! Flavour is everything and keeps me full throughout the day - well done Jade & Joy!" - Rachel

"This bar was absolutely delicious you would not think that it was a protein bar but more a chocolate bar from a luxury chocolate shop. The gooey caramel paired lovely with the soft base, rice crispie pieces, rich chocolate and a hint of spice to give an excellent biscoff like flavour. Couldn’t recommend more." - Lucy

"Being diabetic I am always on the hunt for low sugar snacks that taste good. I can’t believe it’s 0.5g of sugar - I can’t tell at all. Tastes utterly delightful!" - Eva

Double Chocolate Brownie
Indulge in chocolate paradise with our Double Chocolate Brownie bar – a heavenly blend of rich cocoa and decadent chocolate chunks, designed to satisfy even the most intense chocolate cravings.

"Received my choice of Jade & Joy Wellbeing bar, thoroughly enjoying it as my snack at work. The chocolate is very thick and a slight crunch . It is wrapped in such a pretty package." - Sue

"Chocolate brownie is amazing! Really satisfies my sweet tooth but in a healthier way!" - Angela

"Such an amazing flavour, the taste and texture is perfect!" - Karolina

Hazelnut & Almond
A balanced fusion of nutrient-rich hazelnuts and almonds, offering a wholesome and delicious treat that's good for both body and soul.

"Favourite flavour. Best protein bar by far I’ve tasted 👍" - Jordan

"Saw this on Instagram and fell in love with the brand. I really hoped it lived up to the expectation…and it did! What a beautiful range, so tasty, this flavour is just lovely!" - Chloe

"A friend had one of these bars at the gym, I had to try! So good ordered a box of 12 myself! Love the taste, the packaging and the nutritionals - can’t believe it’s Vegan!" - Evelyn 

Key Lime
A zesty fusion of vibrant lime flavour, offering a citrusy and invigorating taste sensation that's perfect for uplifting your snacking moments.

"The white chocolate, the fruity flavour, so light and creamy. 100% recommend this flavour!" - Janine

"Key Lime needs more recognition. It is such a fun summery flavour. So light, creamy and the fruity flavour packs a punch. 5*****" - Bella

"Fabulous! Absolutely recommend…it works! Love the white chocolate coating too, not at all heavy on the stomach, just light, fluffy and creamy!" - Angelica

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